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Stamp - Thailand 2006

~ 2006 ~

Thai Heritage Conservation 2006

Phu Phrabat Historic Park, located in Ban Tiew, Muang Phan, Ban Phue District, Udon Thani Province, has a strong influence over the beliefs of the local people domiciled along the Mekhong River, including both Thai northeasterners and Loatians. Over the years, increasing archeological finds have unearthed over more evidence of previouss eras in and around the vicinity. Residences fasioned from the natural cliff and religious sites, built with both piet and simplicity, have been revealed, unlike other historical park specificially built for the splendor of gods, or kings. Most buildings found, were modified from their natural state, with only a small portion contributed by human inhabitants.

3.00 Baht (Design 1) : Bua Bok Buddha's Footprint (Mr.Chanya Boonyasakdi)
3.00 Baht (Design 2) : Natural rocks and scared boundary stone (Mr.Theppitak Kongnaga)
3.00 Baht (Design 3) : Tha Barot Horse Stable (Mr.Chakrapong Wongmai)
15.00 Baht (Design 4) : Nang Usa earth pillar (Mr.Teerasak Chanwangsa)

Country : Thailand
Catelogue Code : 792
Issue Date : 2006-04-02
Size : 27 x 45 mm. (Vertical) and 45x27 mm. (Horizontal)
Denomination : 3 Baht x3 Designs, 15baht
Souvenir Sheet Value : 36 Baht
Serial Number : 333

Phra Racha Wang Derm (Thonburi Palace)
After gaining independence from Burma in 1767, King Taksin the Great, had founded Thon buri as the new capital. When King Phra Buddha Yodfah Culaloke, (Rama I) ascended the throne, he moved the Siamese capital to the east bank of the Chao Phraya River and had the Grand Palace built as his residence. Thon Buri Palace, then, became known as "Phra Racha Wang Derm" (the original palace). Today it houses the Royal Thai Navy Headquarters.

The Throne Hall (3.00 Baht Design1) was bulit in 1768 at the same time that Thon Buri was founded as the capital. It was a venue for holding court and important ceremonies during the Thon Buri era.
King Taksin Shrine (3.00 Baht Design2) house a statue of King Taksin the Great, standing with a sword in ond hane.

The Two Chinese-style Residences (Keng Koo Lek and Keng Koo Yai) (3.00 Baht Design3) were built, combining both Thai and Chinese architecture that featured the root with Chinese paintings and window-frames with Thai-style carving.

King Pinklao's Residence (Keng Phra Pin) (3.00 Baht Design4) was built like American architecture. The upper floor was used as Royal residence.

Country : Thailand
Catelogue Code : 793
Issue Date : 2006-04-02
Size : 45 x 27 mm. (Horizontal)
Denomination : 3 Baht (4 Designs)
Souvenir Sheet Value : 17 Baht
Serial Number : 333, 388

Anemone Fish (Hologram)

Anemonefish, with their spectacular, colorful appearance in orange, red, black, yellow and white stripes in eye-catching, yet unique designs, are usually playful and prefer to live and move in a school. However, they are unable to survive without sea anemones. Here are a few varieties of anemonefish:

1. Clark's Anemonefish (Amphiprion clarkii Bennett) (3.00 Baht Design1) features a black trunk and yellow pectoral and caudal fins, with three white stripes at its head, trunk and tail. The fish, the largest anemonefish in Thailand, are found in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea.

2. False Clown Anemofish (Amphiprion ocellaris Cuvier) (3.00 Baht Design2) is a popular pet fish. Its trunk is orange, or brown, with 3 white stripes at its head, trunk and tail. The white stipes are lined in black. The fish are found in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand around Losin Island in Narathiwat Province.

3. Pink Skunk Crownfish (Amphiprion perideration Bleeker) (3.00 Baht Design 3) feature a bridge, yellow and golden trunk with small white stripes from the eyes to the dorsal fin with one small white stripe at its head. The fish are found in only the Gulf of Thailand.

4. Saddleback Anemonefish (Amphiprion polymnus Linnaeus) (3.00 Baht Designm 4) features a blackish brown trunk with two white stripes behind the eyes and trunk to the dorsal fin, like a saddle. It's often found in2-30-meters-deep sea areas, where sea anemones are present on the seabed. The fish are found only in the Gulf of Thailand.

Country : Thailand
Catelogue Code : 798
Issue Date : 2006-06-24
Size : 48 x 30 mm. (Horizontal-measured from perforation to perforation)
Denomination : 3 Baht x4 (4 Designs)
Souvenir Sheet Value : 20 Baht
Serial Number :

International Letter Writing Week 2006 (Cornivorous Plants)
Each living creature in the world has envolved for their survival according to their natural selection. Plants in areas with scarce water and sunshine have developed into carnivores, catching insects for their own survival.

Nepenthes mirabilis (Lour.) Druce, or pitcher plants, are normally seen in wet forests. They have pitchers to catch insects and the pitchers possess organs to digest the insects. People in Southern Thailand steam rice in the pitchers.

Rafflesia kerrii Meijer is a parasite that lives on the roots of other plants. Its simple flower is quite large and blossoms on the ground. In full bloom, it emits a bad oder to entice flies to pollinate.

Sapria poilanei Gagnep is a plant in the same family as Rafflesia kerrii Meijer that similary lives on the roots of other plants and looks like a cuspidor, pink and Orose.

Drosera burmannii Vahl is a small short-cycle plant without a stem. It often grows in open, rocky ground with high humidity. The plant possosses medicinal properties use to cure ringworm.

Country : Thailand

Catelogue Code : 803
Issue Date : 2006-10-09
Size : 48 x 30 mm. (Horizontal-measured from perforation to perforation)
Denomination : 3 Baht x4 (4 Designs)
Souvenir Sheet Value : 20 Baht
Serial Number : 033

New Year 2007
Beautiful postage stamps introduced each year make your greetings cards more attractive and this particular year, receivers will be fascinated by the selection of beautiful Thai wild flowers featured in this stamp issue.

Hypoxis aurea Lour. is a small flowering plant, grown in bright sunshine and pine forests. Its golden yellow flowers feature dense petals and it grows profusely in Phataem National Park, Ubon Ratchathani Province between May-June. 

Murdannia gigantea (Vahl) G.Bruckn blossoms are high over its stem. Its violet flowers have petals folded down like a cock's comb. Dewdrops may be observed on each flower in the early mornings in Phu Kradueng National Park, especially during October.

Impatiens phulungensis T. Shimizu is a succulent with bright pink flowers, whose delicate petals from the shape of heart. This particular plant is found only in Thailand, especially in Phuluang Wildlife Sanctuary, Loei Province between July-October.

Caulokaempferia alba K.Larsen & R.M. Sm. is another short-cycle plant with rhizomes, grown among grass. Its white flowers resemble butterflies, and may be observed in Phumieng Wildlife Sanctuary in Phitsanulok Province between May-July.

Country : Thailand

Catelogue Code : 804
Issue Date : 2006-11-15
Size : 29 x 24 mm.(Horizontall-Measured from perforation to perforation)
Denomination : 3 Baht x4 (4 Designs)
Souvenir Sheet Value :16 Baht
Serial Number : 377

60th Ann. Celebrations of H.M. Accession to the Throne (3nd Series)
His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej, devoted to improving the welfare and quality of his people, has traversed all parts of his Kingdom to meet his people since 1592, introducing Royal Initiated Projects that have helped to alleviate their problems and greatly improve their living conditions. His concern for and benevolence to his country and its people have earned him the deep respect, allegaince and love of the Thai people for their King and the monarchy.
Country : Thailand

Catelogue Code : 807
Issue Date : 2006-12-05
Size : 36 x 51 mm. (Vertical - Measured form perforation to perforation)
Denomination : 5 Baht (6 Designs)
Souvenir Sheet Value : 44 Baht
Serial Number : 138


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