Monday, February 28, 2011

2011-02-28 - AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 CHAMPION

Today 1100am Went to the Pos Office Ipoh, still available to purchase. So crowded is not because of peoples buying this issue of stamp, is because of today is the last day offer 50% discount for summon payment... crazy crowded... look at the picture...

I brought my cover to the POSNIAGA counter to take the First Day cancellation, met a friendly guy... a very clssic look with midium long hair and wore a hat like Kampung style, yooh... he shown me his hands got the FootBall Chop on his wrist, talkative guy after that he given me his name card... fully of antique & collection blogs indicate into the card, after I finished read his card, finally I would say he is an "ANTIQUE MAN" ... I quick check on his few blogs, u will find out he is very active in antique, numismatic & philately field... Nice to know this guy .. check it out here
(funny that he created many blogs with chinese name, but he isn't... hehe...)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2010-09-15 - INDONESIA from Irene Chen 陈明珠

Officially cover from MALANG, province East Java, Indonesia, Print Quantity is 1,000pcs only, price Rupiah 5,000. Very special cover that show the MALANG KUCECWARA/KUCECWARA. This cover is cancellation on the First day of 5th June 2010.

Thanks for Irene Chen 陈明珠
Received: SEP 2010 

Malang is the second largest city in East Java province, Indonesia. It has an ancient history dating back to the Mataram Kingdom. The city population at the present time is around 780,000. During the period of Dutch colonization, it was a popular destination for European residents. The city is famous for its cool air and the surrounding country regions of Tumpang, Batu, Singosari, and Turen. People in East Java sometimes call it "Paris of East Java." Malang was spared many of the effects of the Asian financial crisis, and since that time it has been marked by steady economic and population growth.


Hundreds, even thousands of years ago before Malang became the second biggest city in East Java, Malang used to be the centre of government of the Kanjuruhan and Singhasari Kingdom. In the following era, Malang regency became an important place when the government of Mataram Kingdom took hold of the area, making it the largest regency in East Java and since then the development of Malang regency has increased well.

The history of Malang Regency could be revealed through the Dinoyo inscription 760 AD as the primary official document to support the birth of Malang before a new inscription was discovered in 1986, which is so far not yet revealed. According to the inscription, it was concluded that the 8th century was the beginning of the existence of Malang Regency's government due to the birth of King Gajayana's ruling of his kingdom in Malang. From the Dinoyo inscriptions, it is noted that the inscription used the "Candra Sengkala" or "Cronogram" Calendar, and stated that the birth date of Malang Regency was on Jum'at Legi (sweet Friday) 28 November 760 AD. (L. Damaes: "Studed' Epigraphy d'Indonesia IV. 1952").

The city was incorporated into Mataram in 1614, then transferred to Dutch colonial rule. Malang was transformed under the Dutch; its cool climate which results from its elevation, along with its proximity to the major port of Surabaya, made it a popular destination for Dutch and other Europeans. In 1879, Malang was connected to Java's railroad network, further increasing development and leading to increased industrialization.

Along with growth came urbanization. The government could not satisfy the population’s needs for affordable housing, which lead to the building of shanty towns along the rivers and rail tracks. Up until today, the shanty towns still exist; although some have been transformed into “better” housing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2010-12-30 INDONESIA - Irene Chen

I'm glad to received this Turtle Stamps cover!!! It is first time to get WWF stamps...

Received January 2011
Thanks for Irene Chen!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

2011-02-21 - Highland Tourist Spot (Pelancongan Tanah Tinggi)

RM0.50 (Bukit Bendera P.Penang)
RM0.60 (Cameron Highlands Pahang)
RM0.90 (Gunung Mat Cincang Langkawi Kedah)
RM1 (Kundasang Sabah)

         Bukit Bendera Pulau Pinang
         Cameron Highland Pahang
         Gunung Mat Cincang Langkawi Kedah
         Kundasang Sabah
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Date of Issue: 21st February 2011
  • Size of Stamp: 50mm × 30mm
  • Face Value: 50cent, 60cent, 90cent, 1ringgit,
Malaysia essentially observes tropical hot and humid weather all year round generally ranging from 20°C to 30°C on an average and therefore, these highland resorts are often the perfect holiday destinations for not only the locals but foreigners to escape the heat and buzz of the cities.
Popular activities around these highlands resorts range from simple and relaxing activities or vigorous outdoor adventure such as bird watching, visiting farms, appreciating the flora and fauna or jungle-trekking.
The cool highlands of Malaysia offer not only escape from the heat below, but also picturesque surroundings far from daily cares, high above the world. Visit the highlands for a relaxing, peaceful holiday and enjoy the refreshing, cool mountain air from the green hills.