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My Customade Thailand Stamp

2006-06-16 - Siam Tulip

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Stamp Issue (Thailand) 15th November 2009

New Year 2010 Postage Stamps - Wild Flowers

Issue Date: 2009-11-15

Perennial Plants of the Forest
Design1: Fai Ta Gad Grass (Drosera peltata Sm.) is an insect-eating, perennial plant which grows from an underground tuber and is 10 to 35 centimeteres high. Each spray of white flowers consists of two or three flowers. The flower branch is about 1 to 2 centimetres long. The sepals are oval in shape and the petals, also oval in shape, are 5 to 6 millimetres in length. Each flower has five staments. The pod, three millimetres in size, is in the shape of shuttle and, when mature, breaks open into three vessels.

Design2: Soa Sanom (Sonerila griffithii C.B. Clarke) is a perennial plant which is 4 to 10 centimetres in height. The main stem is sparsely covered with hair. The thin leaves usually spread along the ground. The flowers consists of three purple petals and three yellow staments. This kind of plant usually grows well in the cracked rocks found in deep forests.

Design3: Euan Hin (Cyanotis arachnoidea Wight) is a perennial plant with a succulent stem. The plant lies parallel to the ground and extends its young buds into the air. The flower ia approximately 1 centimetre in diameter and its stamen is covered with purple hair. It can be found all over the country in any wet soil that is mixed with sand and it yields flowers all year round.

Design4: Proh Phew Nuan (Caulokaempferia saxicola K. Larsen C.B. Clarke) is a perennial plant that lasts for several seasons. It can grow on rocks or on other plants. The main stem is 7.5 to 20.5 centimetres high. Its cluster of deep yellowflowers is at the top of the stem. Each cluster consists of several flowers that bloom one by one. The sepals are connected to form tubes covered with velvety hair. The petals are in the form of narrow tubes, 2-2.5 centimetres in length with their ends split into three parts. Three are two inside petals of creamy yellow colour.

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FDC - Thailand 1st October 2009

The National Telecommunications Commission Postage Stamp
To commemorate the 5th Anniversay of the commencement of the Nationanal Telecommunications Commision as well as to disseminate the missions on telecommunication business in Thailand.

Country : Thailand

Catelogue Code : 885
Issue Date : 2009-10-01
Size : ...
Denomination : 3 Baht
FDC Value : 10 Baht
Serial Number : ~

Received Post Card from Taiwan, Thanks Paul...

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A Present from from my closely Thai friend Wu's Mum, 1982 FDC & Stamps. Thanks...

Rattanakosin Bicentennial, 4th April 1982
King Rama 1st to 9th (Short of Rama 8 & Rama 9)

275. Wild Animals Postage Stamps (4th Series), 26th December 1982

To commemorate the "National Wild Animals Preservation Day" Which will be held on 26th December of every year. Its purpose is to urge the people in cooperating with wild animals preservation and also to publicize this activity abroad.
1.25 Baht - PILATED GIBBON (Hylobates Pileatus)
3 00 Baht - PIG-TAILED MACAQUE (Macaca Namestrina)
5.00 Baht - SLOW LORIS (Nycticebus Coucang)
7.00 Baht - SILVERED LEAF MONKEY (Presbytis Cristatus)

FDC Value : 18.50 Baht

A Present from my dear Fay Youngberg (Friend from England), Thanks so much...

Thai Stamps Catelogue 2004


Thai Souvenir Sheet Stamp with Gold Embossed of wording.

Japan Stamp, Cartoon Tiger Miniature Stamp

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Sent more than 20pcs postcards TODAY 26th Sep. 2009

Today I'm so exciting, I'm going to sending out 15pcs above postcards. Actually I like Thai Stamps very much, That's why I like to share all these with my friends.
On 25th I already sent 5pcs..
Thanks for you guys who previously sent those nice post cards to me..

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PostCard Arrived to my friend Singapore

picture edited by : Howard Tan (Recipient)
PostCard from Thailand - Phi Phi Island Krabi, Thailand

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09-09-09 Stamps & FDCs

~ Thailand Stamp 09-09-09 ~
889. Guan Yin Postage Stamp (Shinning Effect)

Special Cancellation with Guanyin Image & Hand Signature by Designer Mrs. Veena Chantanatat

Hand Signature by Designer Mrs. Veena Chantanatat
~ Thailand FDC - 09-09-09 ~
889. Guan Yin Postage Stamp  (观音)Design : Illustrating Bodhisattva Guan Yin, Goddess od Mercy, in the Posture of Giving Blessing (Standing). According to Guan Yin book, Guan Yin Goddess has a beautiful oval-shaped face figure, Complexion is fairer than the ivory-white, elegant hair is as black as dark clioud of the night, eyes are more graceful than crystal eyes, right hand holds a vast containing divine mercy holy water while left hand holds willow twig, and dress is shiny white.

Malaysia Stamps - 09-09-09 ~

~ Malaysia FDC - 09-09-09 ~
Energy Efficient Buildings
Description : The government of Malaysia is currently promoting the development of energy efficient (EE) buildings in Malaysia by demonstrating several EE buildings. Each of the buildings are incorporated with various types of green features such as heat insulation to minimise the cooling system, use of natural daylight to reduce use of artificial lighting, energy efficient design of the building system to manage the building operation efficiently and rain water harvest system to reduce dependency of treated water from the utility supply. Besides ebergy efficiency, renewable energy feature is also used to generate part of the energy used by the buildings.

The tree EE Buildings showcased in this stamp issue features the degree of efficiency of energy (EE) that has unique attributes to its design, each of the buildings shows a significant improvement of incorporating sustainable features in buildings which showcase the development of sustainable buildings in Malaysia.

Under Edition

Under Edition

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FDC - Zodiac / Lunar

Songkran Day ( 13th April )
FDC - Thailand, year 1991 - 2002
- Issued every year the same day on 13th April -
Stamp Denomination : 2 Baht
FDC Value : 10 Baht
1991 ~ Goat
1992 ~ Monkey
1993 ~ Roaster
1994 ~ Dog
1995 ~ Pig
1996 ~ Rat
1997 ~ Cow
1998 ~ Tiger
1999 ~ Rat
2000 ~ Dragon
2001 ~ Snake
2002 ~ Horse

Greeting Card

~ Special Greeting Card ~
~ Thank You Card ~ Apple 
(Bought in Bangkok)

~ Congratulations Card ~ Cabbage
(Bought in Bangkok)

Post Card (Unused) - Thailand

The 1943 postbox repainted to use at Chantalusee Siam
Code : M 36

1 of Post office branch in Thailand - 1939

King Rama V In Military Uniform
Code : D 30

King Orajadhilsot of Siam
Code : P11

Miss Siam In 1940
Code : 284

Miss Siam in 1936

Miss Thailand

The 100 years ago of Thailand Natural Living

Diana & Princes (Bought it in Thailand)

~ Bangkok View ~

Hieghest Sky Building Bai Yoke Tower - Bangkok
Code : 1028

City of Bangkok
Code : 1027

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok
Code : 1090

Main Railway Station Hua Lum Pong - Bangkok
Code : 616

Night of the City Bangkok
Code : 1027

Bangkok - The City Of Bangkok
Code : VA 19 

Temple Of The Dawn, "Wat Arun" - Bangkok
Code : 1036

Temple Of The Dawn, "Wat Arun" (Sunset) - Bangkok
Code : BK-112

Wat Arun Night View
Code : 60331 D

Temple "Wat Phra Kaeo" - Bangkok
Code : BK-133

Bangkok - Wat Phra Keo (Night View)
Code : Va 52

Bangkok - Golden Chedi At Wat Phra Keo
Code : VA 05

Floating Market - Bangkok
Code : 970

Thailand - Floating Market At Damnernsaduak, Rajburi
Code : VA 51


~ Thailand View ~

The North Thailand (Sukhothai)
Code : 636


~ Thailand Custume ~

Royal Barge for King's Ceremony
Code : 1100

~ Thailand Temples ~

Bangkok - Wat Pho
Code : VA 15

Bangkok - Wat Phra Sri Ratana Sasadaram
Code : VA 12

Wat Phra Sri Ratana Sasadaram (Night View)
Code : VA 66

Wat Benchamabophit
Code : BK122

Wat Benchamabophit (Sunset)
Code : BK 141

Wat Sakate - The Golden Mountain Bangkok
Code : 822

Wat Matathat - Sukhothai, Thailand
Code : ST 210

Temple "Wat Mahathat" Sukhothai (Sunset)
Code : ST 207

Phitsanulok - Wat Mahathad
Code : VA 96

Phisanulok - WaPhra Si Rattana Nahathat
Code : PL 209

~ Thailand Island ~

... Scene of Phuket Island ...

Code : 1113

Code : 1145

Code : 1103

Code : 1104

Code : 1109

Code : PK-509
... Scene of Phuket Island ...


Krabi, Thailand

Phi Phi Islands - Thailand
Code : VA 176

Phi Phi Islands - Thailand
Code : VA 282

Krabi - PhiPhi Island
Code : 91100904

Code : 91100906

Krabi - Haar Rai Le
Code : 91100907

Krabi - Thale Waek
Code : 91100908

... Scene of Chicken Island - Krabi ...
Code : KB 521

Koh Tapu, Phang Nga
Code : VA 193


... Scene Of Thailand Beach ...

Code : PY-406

Code : 912

~ Pattaya Beach View ~

Pattaya - Kao She-Chan
Code : PY 404

Pattaya - Viharn Siam
Code : PY 436



~ Koh Chang Beach View ~
Code : 920

Hua Hin Beach View
Code : HH 180

Hin Ta Hin Yai - Samui, Thailand
Code : SM 523


Thailand Railway

The Death Railway - Kanchana Buri
Code : VP 323

The Death Railway - Kanchana Buri, Thailand
Code : VP 334

Thailand Bridge

Kanchana Buri - The Bridge Over The River Kwai
Code : VP 398

River Kwai Bridge - Light And Sound Presentation
Code : VP 362
Thailand Elephant

Chiang Mai - The Elaphant Training Center - Chiang Dao
Code : VA 101

Thailand - Baby Elephant
Code : VA 149