Wednesday, September 16, 2009

09-09-09 Stamps & FDCs

~ Thailand Stamp 09-09-09 ~
889. Guan Yin Postage Stamp (Shinning Effect)

Special Cancellation with Guanyin Image & Hand Signature by Designer Mrs. Veena Chantanatat

Hand Signature by Designer Mrs. Veena Chantanatat
~ Thailand FDC - 09-09-09 ~
889. Guan Yin Postage Stamp  (观音)Design : Illustrating Bodhisattva Guan Yin, Goddess od Mercy, in the Posture of Giving Blessing (Standing). According to Guan Yin book, Guan Yin Goddess has a beautiful oval-shaped face figure, Complexion is fairer than the ivory-white, elegant hair is as black as dark clioud of the night, eyes are more graceful than crystal eyes, right hand holds a vast containing divine mercy holy water while left hand holds willow twig, and dress is shiny white.

Malaysia Stamps - 09-09-09 ~

~ Malaysia FDC - 09-09-09 ~
Energy Efficient Buildings
Description : The government of Malaysia is currently promoting the development of energy efficient (EE) buildings in Malaysia by demonstrating several EE buildings. Each of the buildings are incorporated with various types of green features such as heat insulation to minimise the cooling system, use of natural daylight to reduce use of artificial lighting, energy efficient design of the building system to manage the building operation efficiently and rain water harvest system to reduce dependency of treated water from the utility supply. Besides ebergy efficiency, renewable energy feature is also used to generate part of the energy used by the buildings.

The tree EE Buildings showcased in this stamp issue features the degree of efficiency of energy (EE) that has unique attributes to its design, each of the buildings shows a significant improvement of incorporating sustainable features in buildings which showcase the development of sustainable buildings in Malaysia.

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