Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Present from from my closely Thai friend Wu's Mum, 1982 FDC & Stamps. Thanks...

Rattanakosin Bicentennial, 4th April 1982
King Rama 1st to 9th (Short of Rama 8 & Rama 9)

275. Wild Animals Postage Stamps (4th Series), 26th December 1982

To commemorate the "National Wild Animals Preservation Day" Which will be held on 26th December of every year. Its purpose is to urge the people in cooperating with wild animals preservation and also to publicize this activity abroad.
1.25 Baht - PILATED GIBBON (Hylobates Pileatus)
3 00 Baht - PIG-TAILED MACAQUE (Macaca Namestrina)
5.00 Baht - SLOW LORIS (Nycticebus Coucang)
7.00 Baht - SILVERED LEAF MONKEY (Presbytis Cristatus)

FDC Value : 18.50 Baht

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