Monday, February 28, 2011

2011-02-28 - AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 CHAMPION

Today 1100am Went to the Pos Office Ipoh, still available to purchase. So crowded is not because of peoples buying this issue of stamp, is because of today is the last day offer 50% discount for summon payment... crazy crowded... look at the picture...

I brought my cover to the POSNIAGA counter to take the First Day cancellation, met a friendly guy... a very clssic look with midium long hair and wore a hat like Kampung style, yooh... he shown me his hands got the FootBall Chop on his wrist, talkative guy after that he given me his name card... fully of antique & collection blogs indicate into the card, after I finished read his card, finally I would say he is an "ANTIQUE MAN" ... I quick check on his few blogs, u will find out he is very active in antique, numismatic & philately field... Nice to know this guy .. check it out here
(funny that he created many blogs with chinese name, but he isn't... hehe...)


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