Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thailand - Zodiac FDC (Year of Tiger)

  • Title:    วันสงกรานต์  Zodiac Postage Stamp
  • Country:    ประเทศไทย    Thailand
  • Stamp Code: TH890
  • Date of Issue: 1st January 1998
  • Size of Stamp :   mm (W) ×   mm (H)
  • Denomination: 3.00 Baht
  • Description:

The 2010 Astrological Sign postage stamp observes the traditional Thai calendar and this year is the Year of Tiger, Tigers have been used sinced olden days as a symbol of power and awe. They are powerful hunters that are endowed with grandeur. Those who see them are impressed by their dignified appearance but, at the same time, they may be threatened by the power and strength of the beast. Tigers have been considered to be the King of Beasts and they are true hunters.

Design: Illustrating a native Thai design of the tiger with golden stars constellation. The tiger zodiac uses an tiger as a symbol. According to the royal calendar, the zodiac changes on the 1st of each calendar year.

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